Join a Twitter Chat about Holiday Retail Segmentation

We're conducting a live Twitter chat on Thursday, 8/16, as part of ExactTarget's #NexusCafe. 

ExactTarget Nexus CafeThis cool way to interact with Windsor Circle co-founder Brad McGinity is essentially a live online chat, where any participant can post a question or suggestion, making this a collaborative, interactive learning event.

8/16, 11am EST #NexusCafe Twitter Chat: Holiday Retail Segmentation Tips

Brad is eager to help retailers access and analyze valuable customer & purchase data, in order to implement powerful retention and life-cycle marketing campaigns. On this chat, he’ll discuss RFM analysis, behavioral segmentation, purchase history segmentation, triggered product emails, and more.

We are excited to talk with ExactTarget's community of interactive marketers to discuss eCommerce analytics and customer segmentation, critical components of a successful holiday email marketing campaign for online retailers.  
Brad and ExactTarget will pose a number of questions to participants in the #NexusCafe chat.  We'll aim to gather ideas from the community, and offer our own suggestions and insights as well. 
1. What are recent examples of successful email campaigns that leverage eCommerce customer data?
2. What are the highest priority segments to build for holiday marketing?
3. How do you identify trends from prior holiday seasons to properly design and time email campaigns this year?
4. How do you target last-minute holiday shoppers based on purchase data?
5. What are some strategies to identify and reward the best customers this season?
6. How can you win back churning or lost customers?
7. What are some ideas for implementing smart "related item" product recommendation campaigns?
8. What are the big trends in customer data analysis that interactive marketers should be aware of?

To join this Twitter chat, simply login to your Twitter account, go to the "#" (hashtag) search, and find #NexusCafe.  If you want to post any questions or suggestions during the chat, simple include "#NexusCafe" in your tweet.


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