We decided not to do the typical boring corporate luncheon this year, and decided to hold a Texas Hold'em Tournament, with a twist.

Gambling would, of course, be illegal, so the prizes were to be selected from these acts of indentured servitude:

  • Buy me lunch (1x). Loser buys lunch for the winner at a restaurant.
  • Go get my lunch (2x). Loser has to go get lunch for the winner.
  • Make me lunch (1x). Loser has to make lunch of winner's choosing.
  • Go get my car (3x). Loser has to go get the winners car.
  • Sing my praises (5x). Loser has to greet the winner every day for a week with songs of praise in the winner's name.
  • Advertise my greatness to Downtown Durham lunch crowd (1x). Loser has to stand at the Five Points Intersection with a poster proclaiming the winner's greatness for 15 minutes.
  • Wash my dishes (5x). Loser has to wash the winner's dishes.
  • Bring me a drink (10x). Go get my drink.
  • Serenade me at Friday Sales Meeting (1x). Loser has to sing (loudly) "For he's a Jolly Good Fellow" at Bull McCabe's.

The Winners (top three) got to select, in order, what services they wanted. The Losers (bottom three) had to select, in order, what services they had to perform.

The team raged unholy poker war on one another, until the last man stood victorious. In a crucial twist of fate, Enigma turned pocket two's into a lethal four of a kind by picking up one in the flop and one on the river, wiping out Humpty's pair of pocket bullets (Aces, people...Aces). Sexy Beast then used his Jacks to beat down Enigma's pocket 3's for the win.

So, without further ado, here are the Winners, and the Losers that must serve them:

  • First Place: Sean "Sexy Beast" Perkins will enjoy lunch purchased for him by Scot "Half Pint" Catlin (5th).
  • Second Place: Dave "Enigma" Shrewsbury will have his greatness advertised to Downtown Durham for 15 minutes by Matt "Halfpot" Williamson (6th).
  • Third Place: Chris "Humpty" Humphres will have his dishes washed for him for an entire week by Brad "#3 Egg" McGinity (4th).

Clearly, you should check back soon to watch Matt have to laud Dave's greatness for 15 minutes on a street corner in Downtown Durham. Oh, yes, pictures will be posted.



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