Google Demo Day, Here We Come!

The word is official...  Windsor Circle has been chosen as one of ten startups nationwide who will be flown to Mountainview, CA to pitch to Google and scores of top venture capitalists at the Google Demo Day, April 2nd, 2014.

We're honored and excited to have been chosen.  We believe deeply in our mission to aggregate the world's transactional data and make it "push-button simple" for marketers to do a better job engaging their customers with relevant, timely, and effective communication that ultimately increase their customer lifetime value and retention rates.
As a Durham native, there's something that I'm equally excited about...  and that is the fact that Durham-Raleigh is quickly morphing into a powerful hub for technology entrepreneurship.  I've been actively referring to Durham-Raleigh as the new Entrepreneurial Hub of the South for the last several years because we have all of the ingredients of a powerful entrepreneurial community: a highly educated and intelligent workforce, three world-class research universities within 30 minutes of each other, and a tight-knit and well functioning entrepreneurial ecosystem with multiple incubators and active investors.
I'm further excited that our brand of entrepreneurship is gaining national attention...  one that is focused on local roots, where entrepreneurs dig deep to create exciting opportunities in our own community instead of moving to a big city.  A type of entrepreneurship that weighs in its balance the idea that families matter and that building our communities here is important.  
This takes nothing away, mind you, from the efforts of our brethren in San Francisco, New York, and Boston.  I'm just excited to participate in a groundswell of technology companies around the globe that are building companies in situ to the betterment of their home communities.  I've literally been watching Downtown Durham transforming around me, in part because entrepreneurs are choosing to work and live here...  to create jobs here...  and to play here when the work is done!  There are lots of entrepreneurs contributing to this successful revitalization, and we're humbled to play our small role in the surge.
We've got a lot of wood left to chop to realize our vision, but we're excited to have the opportunity to do it, right here, and are thankful to Google for giving us an opportunity to share our vision on a national stage.
Google demo day...  here we come!


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