#ETCafe: Holiday Emails to Run This Year

Don't miss our next #ETCafe: Holiday Emails to Run This Year where we will be discussing timing holiday email campaigns, incentive ideas to offer subscribers and related strategies for the upcoming 2014 holiday season.

Key 2014 holiday marketing topics

  • Q1. What should timing look like for holiday email campaigns? #ETCafe
  • Q2. What kind of offers, discounts, and promotions are you using this holiday season? #ETCafe
  • Q3. What are some awesome #email design elements or subject lines for the holidays? #ETCafe
  • Q4. What key #segments are you targeting for the 2014 #Holiday season? #ETCafe
  • Q5. How does #automation play into your holiday strategy? #ETCafe
  • Q6. Should retailers be spending money on #acquisition or #retention? #ETCafe
  • Q7. Up to 70% of carts get abandoned, which is lots of money during the holidays - what is the best way to tackle this? #ETCafe

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While you are waiting, check out our Holiday 2014 email marketing articles which dive into numerous strategies to help drive sales using automation.




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