Criquet Shirts Scores 74% Opens with Big Spenders Campaign

Windsor Circle client Criquet Shirts celebrated some great campaign results across 3 different segments.  Before Windsor Circle got them access to their eCommerce data directly in their email marketing platform, their average open rate was 27%, and their average click rate was 5%.

Campaign 1: Big Spenders

Send to just under 500 recipients in August 2012, this email to the "Big Spenders" segment drove an open rate of 74.8% and a click rate of 32%.  Additionally, over 5.9% of the recipients converted.  Criquet Shirts average revenue was over $3.68 per email sent!  The open rate on this campaign alone was 2.8x higher than average.

Campaign 2: We Miss U

This email was sent to a segment of a few hundred customers who had not purchased in a specified period of time.  Over 50% of recipients opened the email; 18% clicked and just under 2% converted.  One simple email helped turn a number of lapsed customers into repeat buyers.

Campaign 3: Purchase Series

Criquet Shirt also conducted a series of emails triggered after a specific product purchase.  While a smaller segment (approx 150 customers) received these emails in the month of August, over 66% opened, 12.8% clicked, and 1.4% purchased additional products.  As this is an automated email, these kind of results may be repeated month after month!

The combined segmented email campaign sends in one month more than paid for Criquet Shirts' entire one-year subscription to Windsor Circle.  Now that's email marketing ROI!


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