Bodymod gets 44% Opens, 14% Clicks from Product-based Segmented Email

Janus at Bodymod reports great news about a product-recommendation email campaign which targeted a small segment but led to huge wins. 

"We just ran a campaign where we identified everyone who purchased "stretching" products", writes Janus.  "The ones with big ears."

Bodymod sells tattoos and body jewelry from piercings to rings - including larger size rings that stretch an earlobe.

"What we did with the segmentation was quite simple, we just searched for everyone who had bought a product where the SKU matched the desired segment."  SKU means "Stock-keeping unit", a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business.

"Then we wrote a killer subject line, that spoke directly to a customer about a common problem with stretching - Smell." Bodymod's subject line went something like this: Do your ears stink?  That's the kind of direct, pointed subject line that only makes sense to a specific segment - and probably not material for a batch-and-blast.

The initial email to the product-based segment got a 44.3 % open rate and a 14.1% click through rate. Janus is pleased, and notes that "the product that we told them about became an instant bestseller. So even though the segment was small, it was a big success."

One-time wins are great, but when they can add a sustained lift to order volume over time, businesses like Bodymod can directly impact their monthly recurring revenue through automated email campaigns based entirely on product based segmentation.  Janus did exactly that, converting the campaign into an auto responder, and notes that "we almost see the same results there." 

Product-Segmentation Email Marketing Best Practices

Janus did a great job demonstrating the following product segmentation best practices:

  1. Identify a problem people care about, and match them with those of your product(s) that will solve that problem.
  2. Segment customers based on what they bought to identify people who will be interested in this product/solution.
  3. Write a killer subject line.
  4. Send the email.
  5. If you get good results, turn it into a triggered email that will automatically send to the right customers at the right time.
  6. Watch the revenue pour in.

To learn more about product-based emails, contact our team at (919) 822-2009.


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