Automation: A Small Business Solution

Small businesses often forgo email marketing plans because they think they don’t have the resources to enact and maintain them. Particularly, companies without a dedicated marketing staff may feel like they don’t have the expertise or time to create a successful campaign.

However, automated emails, when done correctly, don’t have to be very time consuming. With automation, you can send pre-defined messages to give customers a better, more customized experience as they go through the purchase cycle.

BrewUK, an online retailer based in England that specializes in home brew beer and wine kits, was facing this problem. Their previous email marketing strategy consisted largely of batch and blast emails once or twice a week and little to no automation.

"Before, we were blanket emailing our entire database a couple of times a week with whatever. We still send an email once or twice a week but we have started segmenting, so it’s going to specific customers.” - BrewUK co-owner Greg Hughes

With access to product, purchase, and customer data, BrewUK has set up over 40 automated emails to engage with customers at every stage of the lifecycle. No matter when a customer buys, they are automatically enrolled to receive timely, relevant communications based on their purchasing behavior, which makes every customer feel special.

Despite having a very small staff, BrewUK is able to leverage automated retention emails to increase customer engagement, and move towards their goals of retaining more customers and increasing the number of purchases made.

This program has also allowed BrewUK to focus their marketing resources on pressing matters, and to spend less time crafting emails that may or may not resonate with their customers.

Not only did the automated messages save time, but they work. Brew UK has seen 2x the opens and 3x the clicks from these data-driven automated emails.

For more details, including specific email examples, download the full BrewUK case study.


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