Are you putting out the welcome mat?

Everyone has been in a situation where they are the new face in the room. Remember that feeling? Now think about who stood out to you on that first day - it was the person who made you feel the most welcome, right? They made a point to introduce themselves, show you around the office, and maybe even invite you out to lunch. While you can't take every one of your visitors, subscribers, and customers out to lunch, you can stand out in the crowd by welcoming your new subscribers and giving them the chance to get to know your company.

A series of "Welcome" emails for new subscribers is a great way to clue them in to who you are, as a company, and keep them updated on exciting events, news, and products. A good welcome series usually has about 3 emails and spans a time frame of a week. Once you have cleared the initial hurdle of getting a visitor's email address, you want to make sure you engage these newcomers immediately with a welcome email.

Welcome email Criquet Shirts blogOn the left is an example of a welcome email from Criquet Shirts, an Australian online retailer who sells organic polo shirts. This particular email does a great job of including the subscriber in an inside joke (hint: it's the mustaches and Super Troopers-esque demeanor) and presents this subscriber with an opportunity to purchase merchandise for 20% off. The message is clear and simple: "welcome to the family, have a discount on your first purchase, and, by the way, have you noticed our sweet mustaches?"

One important thing to remember is to actively thank your subscribers for signing up to receive emails. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it's easy to get carried away with creating a catchy email and forget to acknowledge that this person went out of their way to sign up to receive emails from you. The above email could be made even better, by adding a branded header that says "Welcome to Criquet" or "Thank you for subscribing"; it's as simple as that. Now get out there and win over your new comers with your wit and charm.

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