3 Easy Steps to Add Google Analytics Code to Your Site

The ability to track visits, engagement and site performance for your eCommerce storefront is vital for eCommerce retailers. Google Analytics is a powerful tool offering free metric tracking and detailed reporting across multiple online assets.

After successful installation of basic tracking on your site, data will begin to populate within most of your Google Analytics reports within 24 hours.

Step 1: Configure Your Website

Follow these steps to begin collect basic page tracking data from your website:

After selecting Create new property, you will be brought to a page to configure your website details. Fill in this section with the relevant information.

Tip: Tracking www.mywebsite.com vs. mywebsite.com will produce different data. Best practice dictates using EITHER www. or non www. across the board 

Complete this section and then click >  

Step 2: Add Google Analytics Tracking Code & Verify

After clicking Get Tracking ID you will be brought to your tracking code. The easiest method to configure Google Analytics is by adding the tracking code directly into the HTML of your website. This tracking code is your unique ID that maps to each Google Analytics online properties.

TIP: For accurate tracking, do not reuse the same code snippet across multiple domains.

To set up the web tracking code:
Note the box with several lines of JavaScript that begins with <script> and ends with </script>  - everything in between the tags, including the beginning and ending JavaScript code, is your tracking code. 

Next you will need to copy the snippet. Don’t edit your snippet. Just copy it. You might want to paste it into a text document if you’re worried about accidentally losing or changing the snippet from your clipboard.

TIP: ( Keyboard COPY shortcut: Windows users: CTL+C | MAC users: com+C ) 

To communicate with Google Analytics tracking, your code must be placed on your website. Many content management systems offer a specific area to paste the code within the user dashboard. If you have access to your HTML files, manually paste your snippet immediately before the closing </head> tag as shown below.

TIP: Keyboard PASTE shortcut: Windows users: CTL+V | MAC users: com+V 

Step 3: Verify Your Tracking Code

When the Status in the Tracking Code are reads: Receiving Data your Google Analytics tracking code is setup properly.


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