8 Messaging Examples for Father’s Day & Graduation Email

Memorable = Emotional

In creating your messaging around holidays there are key tactics to keep your information at the top of your customer’s mind and hearts. 


These two Father’s Day ads really pull at the heart strings and allow the reader to engage with a feeling. Eliciting an emotional response from the viewer is far more effective and memorable than simply showcasing a product or promotion.


Separate yourself from the pack! Humor is a great way to do this creatively.

There are many ways to do use humor in your email marketing:

  • Photography
  • Sarcasm
  • Self Deprecation
  • Pop Culture
  • One-Liners
  • Slap Stick
  • Gender Specific
  • Controversial

Explore your brand and ensure that you keep the right tone for your audience. Let’s look at two men’s shaving companies and see how they use humor effectively.

The Art of Shaving


  • Photography
  • Cute/ humor
  • Evoke warm emotions of children, i.e. role modeling their fathers and learning the traditions
  • Timeless

Clean – allow photography to do the work and send the message
Incorporates product in image without it being the center of attention
Brand messaging is clear but small (placing the importance on “Happy Father’s Day”)

Add a call to action area, i.e. a small gift promotion, a products bar or a link to new product lines.

Read this text:
The BeardBrand.com

What’s Good:

  • Sarcasm
  • Cheeky copy
  • Product recommendations with links
  • Non-pushy message


  • Minimalist with imagery and color : does effectively put the emphasis on the copy.
  • Text Heavy


  • Add visuals
  • Add branding/ logos
  • Use different type sizes/colors to create key messaging and hierarchy
  • Photos of suggested products


Your customers want to know who you are. They want to feel like they are connecting to real people.

Who are you? Not just as a brand but as a person?

Give your customers a peek behind the curtain!

This is a great example showing a little more about who is behind the brand and reminding the audience of the personal values driving the products.

Tactics used here:

  • Personal touch: Looking in the eye of the viewer, open and inviting body language
  • See who you are (images): Showing with pride actual people or family behind the brand
  • Show your values: This paints a picture of someone who values family, their customers, and fashionable, timeless style
  • Thank your customers to add a personal touch
  • Authenticity: When sending messaging for Mother’s Day or Father’s day exposing who you are brings authenticity.

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