6x Revenue from 1/20th the Customers

Sean Godier, CEO at Business-Supply.com, saw great return from an email coupon campaign in March. He generated a list of Best Customers from a Windsor Circle segment, and sent one email with a 10% off coupon.  At the same day and time, he sent a 5% coupon to the remainder of his list, with tens of thousands of subscribers, and totaling 21 times more customers than the Best Customer segment. 

The email to the Best Customer segment resulted in higher conversions, revenue, average order size , and revenue per email than the list more than 20x the size:

  • 5.5x conversions
  • 6.4x total revenue from 1/21st the customers
  • 15% higher average order revenue
  • 134x revenue per email

The Windsor Circle segment that Sean sent his 10% coupons to was derived using our automated purchase history analysis.  In Windsor Circle speak, the segment was "RFM 6 or less, Recency Actual of 6/1/11 or after, Spend Rank of 3 or less, Frequency Actual is 2 or more".  In marketing terms, the segment pulls together Business-Supply.com customers who purchased multiple times in the last 9 months with higher than average total purchase data, and whose overall Recency, Frequency, and Monetary score puts them in the top tier of all customers.

Our team is excited to see yet another win for Sean.   There are many other segments that our customer retention software finds and builds automatically in an online retailers email marketing platform.  Give us a call if you'd like to see similar results.


Business Supply has been in business since 1999 and offers a great selection of discount office supplies, office chairs, breakroom supplies and more.  All orders shipping via UPS with a value of $60 or less are shipped for $7.95, while any order shipping through UPS over $60 ships for free. 




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