Automating Email Marketing Coupons & Incentives

Pricing and promotion are critical to a retailer's business. Using the right balance of coupons and promotions, in combination with behavioral segmentation, will drive significantly more profit.

Not just revenue... but profit. eCommerce retailers are well aware that dropping prices will drive sales. 

Targeted the Right Customers with the Right Incentive

Measuring coupon using will maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Which coupons produce the best results over time?

Using our analytic dashboard, you can easily track the top most successful incentives.

Top Ten Coupons for Life Cycle Marketing

(note that the larger a dot is, the more times the coupon was redeemed on the site)

Coupon "01" has steady performance over time, with various spikes in usage.

Coupon "03" was popular and heavily used when introduced. This incentive has sporadic usage months afterwards. It is likely that consumers saved the coupon and the retailer never formally retired or expired the coupon in the eCommerce platform.

Coupon "08" appears to have been lightly used until it was very heavily promoted at the end of this period. The size of the dot shows that consumers responded to this in email.

Incentives from Data-Driven Customer Behavioral Segmentation

With our customer retention software you can create a variety of incentive based on customer segments in your email marketing campaigns.

  • Find all customers who spent more than $200 and offer 15% off purchases greater than $200.
  • Segment your customers by geographic location and offer free shipping.
  • When your customer hasn't engaged in awhile, send a generous "win back" discount which is less expensive than acquiring a new customer.

The top performing technique with our clients is the "Best Customer" email series. Your best customers like to be treated as such. Put together simple copy, with the CEO's picture on the right side, and some "you're the best, we love you" messaging on the left. Offer an "exclusive" best customer discount or package. We find that if you calculate the exact % of customers that are getting this discount and profess it, it drives the "exclusivity" factor and the resulting reaction even higher.

"Only 8% of our entire customer base is getting this discount. It's our way of saying Thanks."

We've seen this technique drive 25X ROI in a single send - read some of our client case studies to learn more.