Automate Your Email Marketing

Customer Data is More than Just Numbers

The first step to begin automating email marketing is ensuring that your large amounts of customer data is in a usable format. Our customer data integration pushes an unlimited amount of customers history directly into an email marketing service provider so that a retailer can automate email marketing campaigns based on these insights. 

Automated Engagement Campaigns

Automated Post-Purchase Series - Our Email Marketing Software gathers the date of the first purchase automatically from any eCommerce platform and uses it to determine if you have a first time shopper on your hands. Statistically, this is likely to be 50%-75% of the purchases happening on your site in a given time period. This crucial step gives you a chance to thank your customer, reinforce your brand promise, and offer any specific help or support that will make the shopping experience pleasant. Importantly, you should include a specific coupon so that you can track the conversion results that come from first time customers who want to add on to their purchase.

Automated Win Back Campaigns - Based on the purchase history, our Email Marketing Software uses advanced algorithms to determine who is at risk of churning by determining latency. Using that calculation, our platform automates the sending of automated win back campaigns to "save" customers who are churning. Appropriate messaging here follows the "we miss you!," "where have you been?," "did we do something wrong?" approach.  

Target Sends to Best Customers - While many of our clients automate these powerful sends to their best and most loyal customers, this client in the example below, manual sends once a quarter. These targeted sends drive some of the highest revenue we see in our clients data. To make this as simple and actionable as possible, our Email Marketing Software divines the select and premiere group of customers from your list and organizes them into a single, up to date segment that you can simply click and act on. 

In the following example the particular recent customer engagement example, our clients is a large retailer with multiple stores and uses Magento and MailChimp. This client used our eCommerce - Email Marketing Service Provider integration to gain access to current-customer revenue that they can't get to today. 

On average, Retention Automation for this client is achieving open rates that are 91% higher and click through rates that are 339% higher than the weekly batch-and-blast.  

Connect Magento to MailChimp and Lift Engagement Rates by 191 Percent Using Autoresponders

On the left you can see the improvements this client seen with our email marketing software solutions. Our automated and behaviorally targeted email campaigns to customers who have churned are outperforming the previous weekly batch and blast. 

Our pre-built API integration is guaranteed to give you access to your data within 5 days and combined with your dedicated Client Success Manager, you will rapidly start automating your email marketing and join our family of hundreds clients that have achieved great success.

If you're struggling with how to get more sales from your existing customers, we're happy to provide the tools and support needed to start creating data-driven automated marketing campaigns using your existing customer data.