About Windsor Circle

Predictive Lifecycle Marketing

Windsor Circle is a Predictive Marketing platform. We help retailers grow customer lifetime value and increase customer retention. Our clients see a 20%+ lift in revenue from treated customers. We have the industry’s only guaranteed, enterprise grade data integrations between eCommerce and email software. Our platform includes a retention analytics suite, custom segmentation, and behavioral tracking to build rich consumer profiles.

We power predictive, personalized, and automated marketing programs through the entire lifecycle, including browse abandonment, cart recovery, post-purchase, product replenishment, loyalty, and win-back campaigns using a retailer’s existing marketing software.


Our Software

We power big data integrations, advanced customer segmentation, and predictive and automated omnichannel marketing programs. We offer enterprise grade data solutions, a SaaS app, and dedicated services. Our predictive technology empowers retail marketers to execute highly targeted retention, growth, and loyalty campaigns. Hundreds of retailers use Windsor Circle for personalized, automated, and segmented data-driven campaings including:

  • lifecycle marketing
  • loyalty and retention 
  • product recommendations
  • product replenishment
  • cart recovery
  • browse abandonment and more.  


Guaranteed Data Integrations Retention Analytics Facebook Custom Audiences Integration Advanced Segmentation Behavioral Tracking Cart Recovery


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Our Journey

Windsor Circle was founded in 2011 by senior sales executives Matt Williamson, CEO, and Brad McGinity, VP of Sales, from Bronto Software, Inc. and data science veterans Chris Humphres , CTO and Scot Catlin, VP Client Success (through 2015), from LSSi Data. Andrew Pearson, digital marketing veteran, joined the founding team in 2011 as head of marketing (through 2016). More recent additions to the management team included Tim Debone, Finance Director (2014), Don Sedota, VP of Product (2015), Emma Battle, VP of Client Success (2015), and Paolo DiVincenzo as COO (2016).

Windsor Circle raised over $16 million in funding from 2011 - 2017. Investors included Comcast Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation, IDEA Fund Partners, Origin Ventures, Triangle Angel Partners, AOL Found Steve Case, and former partners at US Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital. In February 2018, Output Services Group acquired Windsor Circle, bringing Windsor Circle into the OSG family (read the press release here). With over 30 employees, our exceptional team has years of experience in big data, data science, eCommerce, and marketing automation.


We have a diverse, hard working culture based in Downtown Durham, North Carolina, or as we like to call it: "The Entrepreneurial Hub of the South." We are easily recognized by our snazzy green pants and our Ministry of Shenanigans has established a strong presence throughout our office building.

We have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and we were the winner of both the 2014 SxSW Pitch Competition and the 2014 Google Demo Day.  Interested in working at Windsor Circle? See our career opportunities.




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