Rob is a military brat born outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The US Air Force promptly moved his family months after his birth, thus he not actually 'from' the place of his birth. He spent most of his growing years in Denver Colorado, Turkey, Ipswich England, and Charlotte, NC.

When Rob was an infant traveling through Europe his father decided to use #5 axle grease for his diaper rash (since petroleum jelly was not available). This is largely believed to be the source of Rob's mechanical and technical skills. (Rob's father still keeps that container of #5 axle grease incase it is needed for the grandchildren.)

Rob started his career as a biochemist in an immunology research lab before switching to the world of high performance databases and software development.

Rob is the proud father of twin girls and a son. When not tormenting his kids with bad jokes and horrible puns he enjoys woodworking, automotive repair, hiking, racquetball, mountain biking and volunteer work with disaster reconstruction missions like Samaritan's Purse and habitat for humanity.