Polly has been with Windsor Circle since 2014. During her time here, she has honed her marketing skills with a focus on content and digital marketing. As Director of Marketing, Polly works inter-departmentally to create a cohesive brand with a clear and concise value proposition for mid-market to enterprise retailers. Each day in the marketing department is different depending on the time of year and projects in the pipeline. Polly spends her days doing whatever it is that needs to get done, she tends to find herself buried in excel for a good portion of the week or project managing larger marketing initiatives, all while relying heavily on her fantastic team to drive projects to finish.

While Polly went to high school in Chapel Hill, she left the south to attend the University of Rochester in upstate New York, where she graduated with a BA in psychology in 2010, and then continued on to Boston where she worked for Hay Group, a management consulting firm, for 3 years before making the trek back to warmer climes and her job at Windsor Circle!

Outside of Windsor Circle, Polly keeps busy playing soccer in the OCASL league, enjoying the many local breweries and restaurants that Durham has to offer, wheedling free meals out of her parents, skiing, attempting to speak Danish, traveling, and working on a JD in the night program at NCCU.

To date her crowning achievement is singing the national anthem at Fenway for a Red Sox home game.