Never one for being late, Caleb showed up two months early to his own birth. The number one song on the US charts at the time was Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”, and she clearly knew what she was singing about. One thing led to another, and then Caleb was hired by Windsor Circle as a Software Engineer.

Some of these things included a childhood raising chickens, a stint getting a bachelor’s degree at Duke University, and a few years working as a programmer in the financial industry. In late 2014, Caleb applied to Windsor Circle and began his work for them in early 2015.

When not compiling instructions for computers to obey, Caleb flits from interest to interest a bit haphazardly, but some recurring segments are games (electronic and tabletop), books (particularly Brandon Sanderson’s), and pretending to know stuff about cinema. He also volunteers time at his church, and from time to time he engages in what he charitably calls “writing”.