Chris Humphres

Chris is the evil mastermind behind the technical operations here at Windsor Circle, except for one minor difference - he's not evil. It's a big technical challenge that he's leading our team to solve, but it's not his first rodeo, as the saying goes.

17 years ago, he joined a start-up called LSSi Data as one of the first employees, and rose to become VP of Research & Development before the venture-backed company was sold for more than $70M in 2007. Pair that with some PhD work at Duke, plus BS and MS degrees from the University of Alabama, and it's needless to say that Chris is the man for the job.

When not at Windsor Circle, Chris' hobbies are spending time with his wife Michelle and their Bouvier Keira, volunteering with his church, cooking any type of meat on the grill, and watching/reading about/obsessing over Alabama football, basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, hockey, etc.