IRCE 2016 - Windsor Circle Bazaar


In 2015 we gave away over 300 pairs of green pants to attendees who earned points at our booth. This year we'll not only have green pants to give away, but also flasks, t-shirts, board games, notebooks and tons of items from many of our retailer clients. You'll be able to earn points, or "CLV Coins," by participating in a range of fun and educational activities like attending a party, listening to our Retailer Talks, playing "Guest to Best" in our booth, plus many more.

We're also giving you the chance to earn points now! Pre-register for a 15 minute introduction to Windsor Circle or a Retention Marketing Consultation and you'll have 10 points to spend right away. 

Windsor Circle Bazaar Sneak Peak

Scroll through to see which items will be available to purchase with CLV Coins you earn on-site. Pre-register by June 7 to receive a bonus 10 CLV Coins.

Our Values Notebook - 10 CLV Coins

Register now and you'll be guaranteed a notebook by earning 10 CLV coins that will be waiting for you at our booth. Perfect for jotting down all the your great IRCE takeaways.

Keep Calm Flask - 20 CLV Coins

The Keep Calm flask is always one of our top asked for swag items. We're expanding the line to include some of our values like "Get Sh*t Done" and "Take Calculated Risks," perfect sayings to keep in mind while sipping your favorite beverage.

"Guest to Best" Game - 40 CLV Coins

Play the game during IRCE and get the chance to bring home your own copy. These games are perfect for a fun activity at the office while still learning ways to keep your customers coming back for more purchases.

Wicked Smaht T-Shirt - 40 CLV Coins

We quickly sold out of our "Wicked Smaht Mahketer" shirts that were unveiled in Boston, be the first to get our latest order. If you're Wicked Smaht + a Mahketer, you'll love this shirt!

Green Pants - 50 CLV Coins

This year, we're giving away a limited quantity of Green Pants, snag your own pair before they run out! Purchase these with your CLV Coins & you can enter to win $500 on Thursday, June 9 at IRCE.

Products From Our Clients

We'll have a number of items from many of our clients on-site and available for you to purchase with your CLV Coins. Stop by our booth to find out what these items are worth!