Shopvisible Integration

shopvisible abandoned cart recovery app Developed specifically for eCommerce clients using ShopVisible, our Cart Recovery solution automates a series of recovery emails specifically targeted to your shoppers to regain sales that otherwise would be lost.

Customizable Campaign Timing

After cart abandonment, the recommended cadence for the 3 standard recovery emails are 1 hour, 1 day, and 3 days after a shopper does not complete the checkout process. These times are fully customizable to your business needs to support your shopper's buying window and your overall email newsletter volume.

You're Protected with Anti-Gaming

When a shopper has already received a discount in a recovery email, our anti-gaming technology ensures that on their next cart abandonment, the recovery emails they receive do not contain any discount codes. We recommend this best practice to prevent sending multiple discounts and intentional abandonment.

Abandoned Cart Metrics & Analytics

Our ShopVisible cart recovery integration includes access to our advanced Customer Analytics Dashboard. Here you can track, monitor and measure exactly which types of re-marketing emails are currently active. Using your historical data the interface highlights top performing email campaigns and allows users generate reports with your business metrics.

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Mobile Friendly Design

Our setup wizard makes it easy to customize email designs to match your branding and our optimized templates make targeting mobile shoppers simple.

Cart Recovery Email Design Services

A member of our Client Success team provides one-on-one strategies to create shopping cart recovery email templates and help customize campaign templates to match your brand strategy.

Supporting up to 7 automated business recovery email templates:

  • 3 high ROI cart recovery emails, sent at customizable times
  • 3 optional anti-gaming templates to prevent intentional abandonment
  • 1 for an empty cart

Need help with your creating your design or creating content? We understand that your business is unique. Our Recovery Experts can provide your business with assistance in creating an automated recovery strategy and providing full-service design and optimization of your email programs.

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