Retention Marketing for Retailers

How It Works

How Retention Automation and Lifecycle Marketing Work

Don't Get Stuck on the Acquisition Treadmill 

If you’re not engaging consumers at every stage of their customer lifecycle in a relevant, personalized way, then you’re losing valuable revenue from customers you already have! That’s where we can help.  

What is Retention Marketing? 

Simply put, retention marketing is the act of working to retain customers through different marketing campaigns to ensure that they at least pay back their cost of acquisition, with a goal of turning retained customers into brand evangelists and loyal consumers.

Windsor Circle uses your product, customer and purchase history data to automatically drive personalized marketing that connects with customers in a relevant and meaningful way to help keep them coming back. Click here to see examples of popular retention marketing campaigns.

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Getting Started

Our Customer Success Team works with you to assess marketing opportunities, build your retention marketing email templates, and provide ongoing support, strategy and design services to generate revenue in 30 days.

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We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using data-driven lifecycle marketing powered by Windsor Circle. What's more, this retention automation platform generates a 25 times ROI.
- Ben Kirshner, CEO,

Retention Marketing Campaigns

Click the icons to see specific retention marketing campaign examples or use the button below to learn more about lifecycle marketing as a whole.

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