VerticalResponse Integration

verticalresponse abandoned cart recovery Developed specifically for eCommerce clients using VerticalResponse, our Cart Recovery automates optimized cart recovery emails specifically targeted to your shoppers for whom you have captured an email address. Our extension uses segmented data to significantly increase conversions for online retailers.

Our Cart Recovery Plugin supports the latest VerticalResponse Retail/B2C eCommerce Solution.

Mobile optimized Custom Templates

With the sharp increase in consumers choosing to purchase online via mobile, our responsive template is fully optimized for mobile viewing.

Configure Automated Sequence

Our default timing for the 3 standard abandoned cart recovery emails are 1 hour, 1 day, and 3 days after abandonment, and these times are fully customizable to your business needs. You can send targeted recovery emails at a rate to support your shopper's buying window and your overall email cadence and volume.

Anti-Gaming Protects You

Our optional anti-gaming cart recovery templates provide a way to ensure that you are not "training" shoppers to abandoned carts in order to get a discount.  If a shopper has already abandoned a cart and received cart recovery emails containing a discount, our anti-gaming technology ensures that on their next cart abandonment, the recovery emails they receive do not contain any discount codes. 

We recommend this best practice to mitigate against over-discounting and intentional abandonment.

Cart Recovery Analytics

Our VerticalResponse cart recovery extension includes access to our advanced Analytics Dashboard.

The Tracking Center features a user-friendly interface to monitor cart recovery statistics and revenue generation. Track successful transactions, monitor conversion rates, and view additional revenue generated for any given date range.

The interface displays exactly which types of re-marketing emails are currently being run, uses historical tracking to highlight top performing email campaigns and allows users to run and share numerous reports with your business to assist in marketing decision making and retention strategies.

Learn how retailers in the US, UK, and Australia are recovering over 15% of their abandoned carts

Cart Recovery Email Design Services

A member of our Client Success team provides one-on-one strategies to create shopping cart recovery email templates and help customize campaign templates to match your brand strategy.

Supporting up to 7 automated business recovery email templates:

  • 3 high ROI cart recovery emails, sent at customizable times
  • 3 optional anti-gaming templates to prevent intentional abandonment
  • 1 for an empty cart
See examples of cart recovery emails our clients are using to drive more revenue

Need help with your creating your design or creating content? We understand that your business is unique - our Recovery Experts can provide your business with assistance in creating an automated recovery strategy and providing full-service design and optimization of your email programs. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

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