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emma shopping cart recovery
Developed specifically for eCommerce clients using emma email marketing software, our Cart Recovery integration automates optimized cart recovery emails specifically targeted to your shoppers. With a captured an email address, our integration recovers dropped carts to significantly increase conversions for online retailers.


Mobile Optimized Design & Easy Configuration

No HTML coding needed to use our abandoned shopping cart emma integration. Our email templates are optimized for mobile viewing out-of-the-box and we make it easy to include your branding within your design.

Learn how retailers in the US, UK, and Australia are recovering over 15% of their abandoned carts

Customizable Timing

Set automated recovery emails to trigger without disrupting your current delivery schedule. Determine delays and timing of recovery emails based on your customers buying lifecycle.


Mitigate against over-discounting and intentional abandonment by using our included anti-gaming cart recovery template. These templates provide a way to protect your business from shoppers intentionally abandoning carts in order to get a discount. Our anti-gaming technology will not allow additional discount to be sent to customers who have already abandoned a cart and received cart recovery email that contained a discount.

Retention and Abandoned Cart Analytics

Our emma cart recovery integration includes access to our advanced Customer Retention Dashboard. Marketers have access to key retail metrics in a user-friendly interface. Quickly see which types of emails are currently running and highlight top performing email campaigns determined by historical tracking. Easily monitor cart recovery statistics such as: successful transactions, conversion rates, and related lift generated for any given date range.

Cart Recovery Email Design Services

Need help with your creating your design or creating content? We understand that your business is unique - our Recovery Experts can provide your business with assistance in creating an automated recovery strategy and providing full-service design and optimization of your email programs. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

Your dedicated Client Success team member provides assistance in creating shopping cart recovery email templates and help customize campaign templates to match your brand strategy.

Supporting up to 7 automated business recovery email templates:

  • 3 high ROI cart recovery emails, sent at customizable times
  • 3 optional anti-gaming templates to prevent intentional abandonment
  • 1 for an empty cart
See examples of cart recovery emails our clients are using to drive more revenue

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