Cart Recovery Integration for EmailDirect

Developed specifically for eCommerce clients & Digital marketers using EmailDirect, our API powered Cart Recovery feature automates optimized cart recovery emails specifically targeted to your shoppers for whom you have captured an email address. 

Our pre-built integration uses segmented transactional data that significantly increases conversions for online retailers. Our abandoned shopping cart recovery solution pulls the actual structured data from your eCommerce platform.

Learn how retailers in the US, UK, and Australia are recovering over 15% of their abandoned carts

Included with your annual subscription:

Mobile Optimized Templates

Emails opened on mobile devices have significantly grown so it's crucial that email marketers mobile optimize campaigns for mobile audiences. Our email templates are mobile friendly and are easily viewed on portable devices.

Customizable Timing

Utilizing best practices, the default timing for the 3 standard abandoned cart recovery emails is set to automate 1 hour, 1 day, and 3 days after abandonment. Every business has a unique email cadence, so we make it easy to configure the timing to support your marketing strategy.


Our anti-gaming technology ensures that incentives are not offered to the same shopper for every cart abandonment. Our software detects If an incentive has been sent previously to mitigate against over-discounting and intentional abandonment.

Retention and Abandoned Cart Analytics

Our EmailDirect cart recovery extension includes access to our advanced Customer Data Analytics. The dashboard features a user-friendly interface to track successful transactions, monitor conversion rates, and view additional revenue generated for any given date range.

Up & Running Fast

Your dedicated Client Success team member provides assistance in creating shopping cart recovery email templates and helps to customize campaign templates to match your brand strategy.

See examples of cart recovery emails our clients are using to drive more revenue

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