9 Pillars of Retention

The Windsor Circle 9 Pillars of Retention Automation are a comprehensive framework for retailers and marketers to plan and implement customer lifecycle and retention marketing programs and campaigns. 


Each pillar covers a key stage in the customer lifecycle, and has a number of associated campaigns and tactics.  Our Client Success team guides retailers along the path of building marketing programs within this helpful and powerful framework.  Build the 9 Pillars of Retention Automation into your marketing to keep and amaze more customers.

Know Your Customers

Windsor Circle's Analytics suite helps you calculate, monitor, and predict Customer Lifetime Value.  We use purchase history, traffic source, and other data to identify key personas and customer segments. Our continuous analysis of purchase history data helps you track key retail metrics like Average Order Value, CLV, and Latency over time and across segments.  Our Retention Audit uses a proprietary research process to determine key metrics including Share of Wallet.

Get Connected 

Every retailer needs to gain subscribers and customers, and during that acquisition process, get "Permission to Retain".  You can't keep a customer if you can't connect with them first.  Windsor Circle uses Email, Social, and Website tools including Light-boxes to ensure growth of a retailer's opt-in list for better permission based marketing. Windsor Circle data powers automated Welcome email series to new subscriber and customers to help build the initial relationship with your brand and trust in your company.

Thank Your Customers

Convert Shoppers who have only purchased once into Returning Customers (2x buyers), then into Retained Customers (3 or more purchases), and finally, into Loyal Customers.  Along this path, retailers must continually thank customers.  Windsor Circle uses purchase history data to set up automated Post Purchase Thank You email series.  We help you calculate the appropriate discount level (if any) to incentivize second purchases and beyond.

Amaze Your Best Customers

Best Customers - those who are recent, frequent, and high-spending customers - may make up a small portion of your customer base, but are responsible for a large part of your revenue.  Windsor Circle uses ongoing automated RFM analysis to automatically reward your best customers.


Help Your Customers Buy More

Windsor Circle uses product and purchase history data to make intelligent, personalized product recommendations by email, identify items that a customer needs to re-order, and trigger the appropriate Replenishment email, and find merchandise that can be automatically cross-sold based on products recently purchased.

Save Your Churning Customers

Customers who have spent a lot over their lifetime, and used to purchase frequently, but have not bought recently, are best customers who are in danger of being lost.  We call them Churning Customers, and leverage both retention scores, latency, and purchase history data to trigger automatic Win Back email campaigns to bring them back to your store and renew their loyalty.

Create Evangelists

While Customer Lifetime Value, or total spend, are important and valuable ways to score customers, identifying customers who go the extra mile and market on your behalf is incredibly important to building a brand that literally sells itself.  We help retailers identify, and cultivate, Evangelists by triggering surveys, review requests, and other campaigns that identify and reward net promoters.

Listen to Your Customers

Great retention marketing requires an ongoing relationship with your customers.  Retailers must constantly listen to the people they are marketing to, using triggered surveys, market research, data analysis, and more.  Windsor Circle's Analytics provide valuable insights into customer behavior, and retailers can leverage Windsor Circle data to automate ongoing customer engagement that surfaces critical trends and themes to guide marketing, inventory, customer services, and more.

Acquire Retainable Customers

The best retailers use their data to determine which marketing channels are driving the most valuable customers.  Windsor Circle's Analytics include reports that show the correlation between different traffic sources (pulled from your Google Analytics account) and purchase behavior.  Find where your best customers come from, which products are part of the "path to retention", and which coupons are leading to high CLV.  Acquire. Retain.  Then Acquire even more Retainable Customers.

You can learn more about the 9 Pillars, and see great examples of the 9 Pillars in action, by registering for, or watching a recording, of our popular 9 Pillars of Retention Automation webinar.

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