Windsor Circle Now Distributed via SilverPop

Durham, NC-based Windsor Circle is now powering the Ecommerce Connector offered by Atlanta-based Silverpop, enabling retailers to automate customer retention and recover abandoned carts within Silverpop to automates conversions from dropped carts with dynamic email campaigns and by leveraging their Ecommerce data.

DURHAM, NC – March 4, 2014 –Windsor Circle, providing Retention Marketing Automation software, has partnered with Silverpop to provide effortless ecommerce integrations as part of a collection of offerings designed to bring advanced marketing automation capabilities to the ecommerce space. 

Windsor Circle’s Data Plus product will be resold directly by Silverpop as the Windsor Circle Ecommerce Connector, allowing for out-of-the-box integrations between Silverpop and multiple ecommerce platforms, including custom Ecommerce platforms.

The Windsor Circle Ecommerce Connector brings together Windsor Circle and Silverpop’s technology and services into a seamless solution that reflects the particular need retail marketers have to leverage their purchase history and other data, and get more from their existing customer through data-driven lifecycle and retention marketing.

Silverpop announced its new offerings at eTail West in San Antonio TX, where over 1,000 leading retailers have gathered to envision the future of the industry.  While Chairing the Email Personalization, Segmentation, and Retention day, Andrew Pearson, Windsor Circle’s VP of Marketing, stated in the opening keynote, “It’s critical that retailers have actionable data in their marketing platform to enable personalized, targeted, and segmented communications.”

Silverpop helps more than 5,000 brands worldwide, including more than 300 retail and ecommerce companies, increase engagement and drive revenue by using customer data and behaviors to inform and drive highly-personalized interactions in real time.

“Partnering with Windsor Circle gives our retail and ecommerce customers additional, highly valuable insight into their customer base and their purchasing habits,” said Adam Steinberg, director of emerging apps with Silverpop. “Armed with this data, they can deliver customer experiences that are incredibly rewarding while also driving revenue more efficiently. We look forward to watching an already successful segment of our customer base achieve even more impressive results with these new tools.”

“Silverpop’s digital marketing and automation tools are perfectly suited for online retailers,” remarks Matt Williamson, Windsor Circle CEO. “We are thrilled to be able to introduce Silverpop customers to the ways our data analysis software can complement their existing marketing tools to help them better target – and keep – their customers.”

Since data integration and market analysis have become necessary to ensure the continued success of today’s retailers, Windsor Circle’s software integration opens up new possibilities for customers of Silverpop. Along with Silverpop’s automated digital marketing tools, the advanced data analysis provided by Windsor Circle’s software integration can help Silverpop’s retail and ecommerce customers further personalize and improve their existing marketing strategies to increase customer retention rates.

Silverpop clients using the Connector will  also have the option to take advantage of Windsor Cicle’s advanced reporting and analytics suite.Online sporting goods retailer, ranked globally at 414 by Internet Retailer, already utilizes both Windsor Circle and Silverpop software in its marketing efforts, and their E-commerce Manager, Nathan Decker, speaks to the power of combining the tools: “We send all of our customer data to Windsor Circle, it scores our customers every day with a rank, and using Silverpop, we’ve rolled out a series of emails that harness this data in an automated way, messaging customers based on where they are in their life cycle, and are much more targeted to their behavior"

Other Windsor Circle clients have reported stunning results from data-driven marketing powered by Windsor Circle’s software.

Ben Kirshner, CEO of, ranked 495 by Internet Retailer, recently stated “We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using data driven life-cycle marketing powered by Windsor Circle.  What's more, this retention automation platform generates a 25 times ROI.”

Jim Knight, VP Marketing & Ecommerce, Spangler Candy, maker of Dum Dums, reported that Spangler Candy saw their “single highest day of revenue thus far, since our start in e-commerce in 1998”, from Windsor Circle enabled win-back emails.

To learn more about using Windsor Circle’s retention automation software along with Silverpop’s digital marketing tools, visit, or

About Windsor Circle: Windsor Circle's Retention Automation Platform helps online retailers keep and monetize their existing customers through data-driven, personalized and automated lifecycle marketing programs, connecting e-commerce platforms, email marketing software, and other data sources; analyzing customer purchase history and behavior; and automating customer loyalty, product recommendation, and other segmented email campaigns.

About Silverpop: Silverpop is a digital marketing software company focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience— increasing engagement and driving revenue. Silverpop makes this possible by using customer data and each individual’s behaviors to inform and drive every interaction in real time. Silverpop uniquely enables marketers to automate these highly-personalized interactions at scale. Silverpop’s top-ranked email marketing and marketing automation tools serve the needs of B2C and B2B marketers from a wide range of industries. Silverpop is trusted by more than 5,000 brands around the globe.

For press queries or further information, contact Andrew Pearson, VP of Marketing, by telephone at (877) 848-4113.