Windsor Circle Hires COO, Doubles Down on Predictive Capabilities

Durham, NC - August 2, 2016 - Windsor Circle just announced it has hired behavioral data veteran Paolo DiVincenzo as its COO. Paolo will head operational functions at Windsor Circle including product strategy and marketing,

The move signals Windsor Circle’s commitment to unlocking profit for ecommerce retailers through advanced predictive analytics. Prior to Windsor Circle, Paolo developed and led MediaMath’s behavioral data offering for programmatic media, later branded Helix. Paolo came to MediaMath via its acquisition of Arcametrics, a data modeling platform that measured how likely anonymous online prospects were to buy a given product.

“Windsor Circle has a unique way of looking at customer data, from the perspective of not just sales but profit, that I think has the potential to change the way ecommerce merchants think about where to allocate their marketing efforts,” stated Paolo. “Intuitively, we all know existing customers are a gold mine for incremental profits, but there’s a big chasm in analytics, segmentation and media activation before you can unlock those profits. Windsor Circle has the tools to cross the chasm.”

Said Matt Williamson, CEO of Windsor Circle, “Paolo brings depth of experience in predictive marketing, and breadth of experience across various media channels, that will help Windsor Circle continue to grow and expand its capabilities in finding new profit for our ecommerce clients.”

Windsor Circle’s Predictive Lifecycle and Retention Marketing platform helps retailers grow their customer lifetime value and increase customer retention. We power predictive, personalized, and automated marketing programs through the entire lifecycle, including browse abandonment, cart recovery, post-purchase, product replenishment, loyalty, and win-back campaigns using a retailer’s existing marketing software.