Frequency Capping

One of the surest ways to lose customers is to bombard them with too many emails. No matter how relevant and timely your campaigns are, every retailer runs the risk of giving their customers “too much of a good thing.”

As the number of campaigns retailers employ to retain customers grows, it’s imperative to set up a hierarchal approach to automated email programs. For this reason, our software includes a frequency capping solution. Using this feature, retailers can set the number of emails that are sent weekly or daily, as well as rank order many of their key campaigns, such as: shopping cart abandonment (cart recovery) campaigns, browse abandonment, and product replenishment.


As you add and activate more automators, they will be added to the active automator list and you will have the ability to force rank everything from your welcome series for non-subscribers to your predictive win-back series. Simply set the maximum number of emails per a given time period that you feel is appropriate and your campaigns will keep your email count within that limit for each and every customer.

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