Increase Repeat Buyers

Every online retailer’s goal is to build a loyal, happy customer base full of repeat buyers. And that’s especially true for companies that sell replenishable, or consumable, products.  However, it takes more than just competitive pricing and a well-designed webstore to keep customers coming back.

You have to stay top-of-mind. Your messaging must to be relevant to their needs. And most importantly, you have to be timely. With so many options available to consumers, you can’t risk missing out on a replenishment order because your email was a week too late.  

Our Replenishment Automator allows retailers to use product and purchase history data to trigger emails that remind customers to repurchase products just before they run out, ensuring that the right message is seen at exactly the right time.  

amg replenish

Stop Guessing With Data Science

For customers who have only made one purchases, our algorithms look at consumption and order patterns across your entire customer base to come up with an aggregated number of days to optimally send a re-order reminder email. As a customer makes more purchases from you, our algorithm gets smarter and automatically adjusts to accomodate changes in the customer's consumption patterns, giving you a higher level of accuracy and personalization for each and every customer. 

View examples of replenishment emails that our clients are sending or request a demo to see the replenishment automator in action