Automated Product Replenishment

Retailers with consumable products have a unique opportunity to get in front of their customers on a regular basis with more than just promotional messaging. Trigger personalized, dynamic replenishment emails based on each individual customer's purchasing cycle. Make sure your customers never run out of their favorite products and gain a competitive advantage with Windsor Circle's Replenishment Automator.

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Every online retailer's goal is to build a loyal, happy, customer base full of repeat buyers. And that's especially true for companies that sell replenishable, or consumable, products. However, it takes more than just competitive pricing and a well-designed webstore to keep customers coming back. Your marketing has to be timely and, most importantly, relevant to the needs of each individual customer.

Keep your customers coming back for their favorite consumable products time and time again with Windsor Circle's Automated Replenishment. Trigger personalized, dynamic emails based on your customers' individual buying behaviors and make sure they never run out of their favorite product again.

Using data science, we help retailers understand individual buying patterns, trigger marketing campaigns to remind customers to repurchase products just before they run out, automatically. Windsor Circle clients using automated product replenishment campaigns, powered by our Replenishment Automator, have seen an average Revenue Per Email (RPE) of $0.46, which is 4x the industry average, as well as a 7% lift in total revenue, and 10% lift in conversions. Our B2B clients are seeing an RPE of $0.86 (7x the industry average).


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Product Replenishment Email Campaign Results

No matter the customer, if you sell consumable products, our Replenishment Automator can help:

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Creating a replenishment campaign was a no brainer for us, as we sell consumable products - namely coffee and tea. Our replenishment emails see open rates of 35% with click rates of 5%. The goal of this email is to get in front of the customer before they run out of coffee, so leveraging Windsor Circle predictive data is key to the success of this marketing campaign.
- Ziv Karmi, eCommerce Manager,

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