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97% of website visits results in zero interactions. We help you get those customers back! Track onsite behavior of anonymous and known visitors, create 360 degree profiles, and trigger automated emails based on a customer's onsite behavior with Windsor Circle's Behavioral Track & Trigger Suite.

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Advanced Onsite Tracking

Windsor Circle’s advanced onsite behavioral tracking capabilities allow retailers to capture both known and unknown behavior data from site visitors. This valuable data can then be used to power additional automated campaigns.

What kind of behavior do we track?

Windsor Circle incorporates, one of the fastest and most secure JavaScript solution providers, to capture the browsing behavior of your customers on your site.  Types of customer activities we can track include:

    • Product detail pages viewed
    • Product categories viewed
    • Site search details for product or category
    • Number of times a product was viewed (aggregated)
    • Product(s) added to the shopping cart

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These activities are then assigned to a customer’s profile. Once the customer submits their email address, you’re able to use this behavioral data to ensure that the emails you send them are relevant to their interests.

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Behavioral Trigger: Browse Abandonment

Browse Abandonment Campaign Email Example


Many consumers browse online stores extensively before making a purchase, if they make one at all. The question for retailers is, how do you motivate these potential customers to make the decision to order from you? 

Automatically trigger emails to identified customers who browse or perform a site search on a retailer's online store without making a purchase. Browse Abandonment campaigns, powered by Windsor Circle's Behavioral Track & Trigger Suite,  allow retailers to convert more site visits into purchases from customers they could have normally missed. In a recent study by Experian, browse abandonment emails saw a 4x lift in conversion rates and a 6x rise in revenue per email for browse emails. To that end, they also found conversion rates are twice as high for browse abandonment emails that dynamically display products.

What about anonymous visitors?

Any unknown visitor is tagged with a unique ID where we store all of their browsing and search history, so when an email address is captured, retailers are ready to automatically trigger browse emails based on this data. 

On average, our customers generate $0.37 in revenue per email (RPE) with browse abandonment campaigns, which is 3.5x the industry average

Browse Abandonment Campaign Results

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