Custom Segment Builder

Sophisticated Customer Segmentation at Your Fingertips

Windsor Circle’s Custom Segment Builder helps retailers instantly create complex customer segments based on multiple data sets including product, purchase, and customer data. Export these segments into your ESP to provide your customers with the most relevant products, messaging, and promotions.

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What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the act of dividing your customer's into different cohorts based on any number of criteria, such as how frequently they purchase, how much they spend, the products or categories they purchase from, location, and more. In a recent study by MailChimp, it was reported that email campaigns that employed customer segmentation saw 13% higher open rates and click rates increased 52% when compared to average engagement rates of non-segmented promotional email campaigns. Need some ideas for your segmented promotions? Look no further, check out our segmented promotional campaign examples.


Segmented Promotional Campaign Examples

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