Post-Purchase Emails

The key time to strengthen customer relationships is immediately after their first purchase, while your brand is fresh in their mind.

Standard post-purchase emails merely focus on the customer's order details: what they bought, how they bought it, where it’s being shipped, customer service contact information, etc. After this initial email, communication from the retailer too often slows, to only the occasional update or promotional message.

However, retailers should understand that the key time to strengthen customer relationships is immediately after their first purchase, while the brand is at the forefront of their mind. To cultivate this relationship, it is important to touch base with customers regularly with messages that have a personalized and engaging tone.

Our clients are evolving their email campaigns with a lifecycle marketing strategy to maintain a consistent presence in their customers’ inboxes, as a welcomed reminder of the brand. As a result, when the customer is ready to make another purchase, the retailer is already at the top of their mind.

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Read on to learn how relevancy and a proper message cadence drive revenue with post-purchase email campaigns.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Every communication with your customers is ultimately an extension of your brand, so your brand identity should be emphasized throughout each message. In this message, eCreamery expresses the spirit of their brand by showcasing the variety of products they offer, explaining what makes them unique, and even suggesting multiple occasions when their products would make appropriate gifts.

But the first thing they do in the message is thank the customer for their purchase. As an added token of gratitude, eCreamery offers a discount incentive in their post-purchase emails to encourage repeat shoppers. They also include a buyer testimonial in the email to show that customer feedback is valued and appreciated.

Engage Your Customers

Engaging shoppers with your brand is a proven way to retain customers. The post-purchase email from GLO Skin Body highlights the brand’s presence on four different social media platforms, along with a brief description of what content and value they provide through each channel. The email also includes a personal invitation from Sarah, GLO’s Skin Center Director, for customers to engage with the brand by joining the conversation on these social media sites. Providing added opportunities for engagement in this way increases the likelihood that the customer will interact with the brand more often and, in turn, purchase again.

Promote Your Products

Post-purchase emails provide a fantastic cross-selling opportunity for retailers. In their post-purchase emails, Peacock Alley includes product recommendations triggered by the customer’s purchase history. The email design is visually appealing by showcasing images of popular items they offer (along with a brief description) that are related to the customer’s last purchase. Our software analyzes product data and creates custom fields for the most recently purchased products. This allows retailers to set up post-purchase email templates that automatically populate with product-specific messaging based on a customer's buying behavior.

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