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Windsor Circle enables retailers using Oracle Marketing Cloud to maximize their investment by giving retailers access to:

Track & Retain your customers for free - see how!

Connect your eCommerce platform to Oracle Marketing Cloud

Leverage product, purchase, and customer data in Oracle Marketing Cloud and model customer behavior with Windsor Circle to automate one-to-one messaging. We can integrate data from any of the eCommerce platforms listed below, as well as instore data and 3rd party data. Don't see your eCommerce platform listed? We'll create a custom datafeed from your platform of choice to Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Maximize Your Customer's Lifetime Value



Windsor Circle helps you turn observations into actions. The Windsor Circle Retail Data Science team uncovers revenue opportunities within your data. Windsor Circle strategists outline key segments to taret, priority campaigns to run, best practices and benchmarks to use, and much more.



The Windsor Circle execution team gives you the power to implement data-driven, lifecycle marketing campaigns to reach customers at every stage of the buyers lifecycle. Track onsite behavior of anonymous and known visitors, create 360-degree profiles, and trigger automated emails via Responsys based on a customer's onsite behavior.


Windsor Circle uses product, customer, and purchase history data to automatically drive personalized marketing that connects with customers in a meaningful way and keeps them coming back. Implement predictive campaigns such as Win-Back, Replenishment, and more. Receive advanced reporting on progress towards goals, and optimizze campaigns to generate significant new revenue!

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