Windsor Circle integrates your eCommerce data with MailChimp, making retail-specific email marketing easy and effective. Retailers can: 

  • access all of their eCommerce data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud through a guaranteed data integration.
  • create Predictive Product Replenishment campaigns based on each individual customer's buying cadence.
  • track known and unknown visitors and trigger browse abandonment and site search campaigns.
  • leverage custom fields when building segments and creating campaigns.
  • access 3rd party data, such as in-store, google analytics, and POS and create campaigns based on this data.
  • export segments with predictive data to power offline campaigns, such as direct mail, retargeting, look-a-like campaigns, and more.

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Guaranteed Integration from your eCommerce Platform to MailChimp

With 17+ API plugins and the ability to build a datafeed from your eCommerce platform to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we help retailers combine all of their data in one place to power predictive marketing campaigns.We go beyond the basic eCommerce integration or subscriber syncing offered by other connectors, and give you direct access to full purchase history, product information, and behavioral and customer scoring data imported to over 50 custom Merge fields in your MailChimp account (MailChimp |MERGE| tags). Clearly named fields, like WC_First_Order_Date and WC_Recency_Rank, with cleaned, uniform data, make it incredibly easy to set up personalized and triggered emails. It is the combination of these custom data fields with MailChimp eCommerce plugin fields that makes Windsor Circle's MailChimp integrations so powerful. 

Supported eCommerce Platforms: Magento, Demandware, Shopify, Netsuite, BigCommerce, Volusion, WebSphere Commerce, 3DCart, Yahoo, marketlive, channeladvisor, Shopvisible, CV3, CoreSense, Neto, OrderMotion, and aspdotnetstorefront.

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