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Windsor Circle enables eCommerce retailers using IBM Marketing Cloud to maximize their investment by giving retailers the ability to:

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Access your data & increase revenue from repeat customers - learn how

Connect your eCommerce platform to IBM Marketing Cloud

With 17+ API plugins and the ability to build a datafeed from your eCommerce platform to IBM Marketing Cloud, we help retailers combine all of their data in one place to power predictive marketing campaigns.We go beyond subscriber syncing offered by other connectors, and give you direct access to purchase history, product information, and behavioral and customer scoring data imported to over 50 custom fields in your IBM Marketing Cloud account. Clearly named fields, like WC_First_Order_Date and WC_Spend_Actual, with cleaned, uniform data, make it incredibly easy to set up personalized and triggered emails.


Windsor Circle's eCommerce to IBM Marketing Cloud integration will instantly create and automatically update custom-built segments as new Groups and Lists directly in IBM Marketing Cloud, including Best Customers, Churning Customers, Big Tickets, Biggest Spenders, Frequent Buyers, and more!

These lists are constantly updated based in part of ongoing "RFM Analysis", whereby your entire customer list is continually scored by Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchases, and Monetary Value of all purchases. Groups and Lists are clearly named, like WC Biggest Spenders, WC Churning Customers, and WC Most Frequent Buyers.

Connect your eCommerce platform to IBM Marketing Cloud

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Windsor Circle was founded by email marketers and eCommerce experts, who understand online retailers' goals and challenges alike - we've been there. Making the most of your customer data - from the products they've purchased, to their demographics, to their purchase and engagement history - is invaluable, but often hard to do. Getting it right leads to phenomenal results from more intelligent email marketing campaigns that your customers want to open, because they speak directly to them. In the fierce and growing competition for inbox attention, you can't afford to send generic messages. Our clients' results speak for themselves: 10x ROI and 12% lift in retention rate in 12 months (on average).

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