CommerceV3, or CV3 for short, was launched in 2001 by Blake Ellis and Nathan Focht of Savannah, GA, as a way to quickly handle the e-commerce needs of local web customers. The product quickly gained steam and was spun off into its own company. CV3 now powers hundreds of e-commerce sites across the U.S. and Canada, primarily for multi-channel merchants who require advanced integration and marketing features.

$1,000,000,000 And Beyond!

CV3 has processed over a billion dollars in sales and is one of the few e-commerce platforms that appeals to serious merchants whether large or small. Low cost-of-ownership and a flat fee subscription model keeps the platform relevant for small retailers, while advanced marketing, integration and segmentation features provide real power for larger merchants requiring advanced platform power. While most platforms tout their user base, we keep ours small, preferring to cater to serious merchants driving serious revenue.

CommerceV3 Extension for Email Marketing

CommerceV3's leading eCommerce platform helps hundreds of merchants serve customers around the world. Windsor Circle's integration API connects CommerceV3's eCommerce platform to a merchant's email marketing provider, helping online retailers sell even more.

With Windsor Circle connecting eCommerce to ESP, CommerceV3 merchants can easily build, edit, and maintain their online shop, and automatically gather and analyze customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in their email platform.  CommerceV3 merchants can now send the right emails, at the right time, to the right customers based on automated business intelligence.

CommerceV3 to Email Integrations

   We currently integrate CommerceV3's eCommerce platform to many of the leading email marketing platforms.

Increase Email Marketing Revenue

    Windsor Circle increases revenue for online Marketers by freeing data locked in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Instant Access to Purchase History Data in your ESP

    Our API integrates CommerceV3 with your email marketing software, providing online retailers with instant access to purchase history, order management, and other eCommerce data.

Right Email, Right Customer, Right Time

    Within days, we’ll automatically populate your ESP with highly targeted customer segments, including Best, Loyal, and Churning Customers, so you can send the Right Email, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers.  Learn more about one analysis technique we use to segment your customers, by downloading our free RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis whitepaper.

Simple Integration

    It's easy to get Windsor Circle's CommerceV3 Extension installed and running. You simply give us your email marketing platform API credentials, and you're done! At that point, we start pulling customer purchase records from CommerceV3, analyzing them, and uploading the customer information to your email marketing system.

Automatic Customer Segmentation

    Windsor Circle automatically identifies, and updates, customer segments like: Big Spenders, Frequent Buyers, New Customers, and more.

Behavioral and Product Segmentation

    Windsor Circle gives you the ability to segment customers according to products purchased - including brand, category and price - or based on purchase behavior: how often, how much and when. This instant access to customer information is proven to generate increased revenue and save you time.

Product Recommendations

We create product recommendations unique for each customer.  Our team will set up fields in your ESP containing individual product details, including product name, description, image, pricing, etc... and enable you to send highly targeted, unique recommendations to customers based on multiple factors.

Better Segmentation Enables Targeted Campaigns

Windsor Circle's customer and business intelligence enables you to leverage the data you have in CommerceV3 and automatically build and update targeted customer segments in your ESP.  You can then deploy powerful and effective email marketing campaigns like:

  •     "Replenishment" campaigns that target consumable products like dog food or lotion
  •     "Win-back" campaigns to latent customers who purchased in the past, but not recently
  •     Create an automated "Welcome Series" for a first time buyer
  •     Reward "Best Customers" with insider specials
  •     Cross-sell accessories to expensive products
  •     Deploy brand-based campaigns for popular items
  •     Targeted coupon and discount offers that reach the right customers with the right offer
  •     Uncovering and tailoring campaigns to wealthy customers who live in high-income zip codes
  •     Marketing expensive products and upgrades to your "Biggest Spenders"
  •     Smart "Related Item" product recommendation campaigns to cross-sell complimentary products
  •     Geo-targeted email based on proximity to a store location to boost in-store traffic
  •     Create repeat customers and loyalty from one time purchasers

Achieve Real Results

Windsor Circle was founded by email marketers and eCommerce experts, who understand online retailers' goals and challenges alike - we've been there.  Making the most of your customer data - from the products they've purchased, to their demographics, to their purchase and engagement history - is invaluable, but often hard to do.

Getting it right leads to phenomenal results from more intelligent email marketing campaigns that your customers want to open, because they speak directly to them.  In the fierce and growing competition for inbox attention, you can't afford to send generic messages.  Our customers' results speak for themselves:

  • 58x ROI: split their normal "Batch and Blast" email campaigns into Four Customer Segments enabled by Windsor Circle.  Within three weeks, ArtBeads had generated $58,000 in additional revenue from these emails.  They experienced a 10x increase in conversion rate, a 5x increase in email revenue, and a 2x increase in open rate.
  • 284% Increase in Conversions: experienced a 284% Increase in Conversions since Windsor Circle enabled automatic segmentation between Left-Handed and Right-Handed Golfers.  Beyond an increase in conversion rate, GolfEtail saw a 256% increase in clickthough rate, and a 170% increase in open rate.
  • Recapturing 2% of Churning Customers: Sean Godier of is recapturing 2% of his churning customers with an automatic triggered email. He said "It's like printing free money!" He was able to set it up in his email platform in less than 15 minutes. All he needed to add was some quick email copy and he was off and running.

Let us help you create a smart, profitable email segmentation strategy.

Large online retailers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for custom integrations.  Windsor Circle makes eCommerce to email integrations easy, accessible, and automated.  Call us at (919) 822-2009 for a demo and find out how Windsor Circle can help you sell more.