Sunjeev Devulapalli is marketing team intern at Windsor Circle. He currently studies at Duke University in Computer Science and Marketing and is eager to apply his marketing knowledge to help build Windsor Circle.

At school, Sunjeev enjoys participating in several diverse clubs when he’s not feverishly busy working on schoolwork. Sunjeev is a member of the executive board on the Duke Marketing Club where he manages all email campaigns sent out to students as well as any social media campaigns. In his time of less than a year with the club he managed to develop and design a new, professional website for the organization.

He is also the founder and co-president of Blue Devil Games, a game studio at Duke University designed to teach game creation to students and create fun, interactive videogames. He currently is working on building a massive marketing campaign to launch in the fall for recruitment as well as creating a new awesome game known as “Zombie Coliseum”.

Finally Sunjeev is a member of the club Design for America where he works as a project manager. He oversees different creative design projects, builds project timelines, and offers feedback to teams creating design solutions.

In his free time, Sunjeev enjoys attempting to write songs on his acoustic guitar, coding and playing videogames, and watching copious amounts of YouTube and Netflix.