Tim was born in Hershey, PA, and grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, Suriname, and Indonesia, as the 2nd-born, favorite, and most intelligent of 5 sons (don't believe the rumors that suggest otherwise). After attending Duke, he graduated with majors in Mathematics, Korean Language/Literature, and a minor in religion. Realizing that Duke hadn't taken all of his money yet, he decided to go back for another year at Duke, obtaining his Master of Arts in Teaching with the goal of being a high school math and computer science teacher. He has now taught at Northern High School in Durham, NC for 4 years, assistant coaching the men's and women's tennis teams for several of those years.

Over time, his interest in what programming exists outside of the introductory and AP Computer Science high school courses has grown. As a result, he has the dubious distinction of interning at Windsor Circle for 2 consecutive summers, as a front end intern last summer and as a back end intern this summer. His obsession with solving math problems links nicely with the problem solving he has experienced in programming.

In his free time, Tim likes to intern at Windsor Circle. Outside of that, he spends time reading, playing board/card games, coming up with puns, volunteering at his church, and spending time with his wife. He also likes to pretend he can bowl and play tennis.