Patrick Curran comes to Windsor Circle with enthusiasm for big ideas and a passion for making a difference.  He believes that technology should help people, and that business is about relationships.  Patrick is currently completing his MBA at UNC, and hopes to one day start his own company.  Originally from Cleveland, OH, Patrick graduated from Loyola University Chicago and lived in the Windy City for almost a decade. 

He and his wife were trying to move to California in 2010 when their plane took a left turn and landed at RDU, making the Triangle their home.  Patrick has ten years of experience leading teams, directing programs, and delighting customers; he is excited to use these skills to take on the challenges of the product management team. 

His other summer projects include clearing some trees in his back yard, completing the deck Justin Johns helped him start building two summers ago, and enjoying a few weekend hiking trips with his wife Heather and their foxhound. If you’re looking for lunch conversation to take your mind off work, Patrick would love to hear about your running/swimming/biking adventures or any excursions you’ve had overseas.