Retention Dashboard

With so many eCommerce metrics, having the ability to only view customer data is simply not enough. Bottom line, we understand that harnessing the power of data to generate more sales & revenue is important to retailers .

The Customer Retention Dashboard is the central hub where customer, product and purchase data are all visualized across segment, time period, and more. From the Retention Dashboard retailers can access:

  • the action center - view the revenue and number of transactions associated with your individual email campaigns
  • analytics - take a deeper dive into areas such as latency, AOV, CLV, email optimizatoin, and more
  • segments - understand the make up of your customer base by standard (loaded by Windsor Circle) and custom (you've created) segments
  • products - use the quick view to look at your top 25 products or categories by CLV, % retained, revenue, and more
  • settings - manage your store settings including your email output fields
  • help center - the help center includes over 70 help documents, how-to guides, and more

Windsor Circle-Retention-Dashboard


Based on automated, ongoing analysis of a retailer's eCommerce data, Windsor Circle's Customer Retention Analytics helps guide their marketing strategy and the types of automated email marketing campaigns that an eCommerce business should launch to generate more sales.  Customers are filtered by a variety of criteria such as demographics, purchase frequency, lifetime value, and product preferences into key segments.  We then display key metrics, such as Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, and more by these segments.

Retailers have access to over 70 charts and graphs by custom and pre-set time frames, like "past month", "past 3 months", and "past year", which allows them to track, monitor and measure the success of all deployed marketing strategies including coupon usage on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Our clients significantly increase repeat sales by engaging with existing customers and retargeting latent customers.

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