Our Retention Automation Marketing Package (RAMP) includes: 7 automated email templates, including 3-part Post-Purchase Welcome Series, a Best Customers email, and a 3 Win-Back campaigns. Welcome your customers and make the best first impression by putting the core values of your business on the forefront.

- Target customers who have not purchased within a set period of time.

- Reward your best customers with exclusive deals and rewards to build loyalty.

- New customers automatically receive a thank you email that introduces them to your business and any other online assets such as social media accounts.

As part of our service, we work one on one with retailers to develop 7 FREE email marketing templates. Your 7 templates are completely designed and customized to sync with the branding of your business. Our templates are created to seamlessly integrate within your current email marketing dashboard.

Completely re-useable, easy to edit, and 100% tailored for your business, get started automating your email marketing with our included RAMP today.