For most merchants, we leverage the capabilities of Mandrill, a leading transactional email platform, to set up and send cart recovery emails. If you do not already have one, our team will set you up with a Mandrill account, which has cost-effective pricing.

Mandrill is the most scalable and affordable transactional data email service and offers a simple pricing structure: Your first 12,000 emails per month are always free. After that, you pay on a per-thousand-email basis. You'll never pay for more than you use.

Mandrill is designed to help our software send transactional email messages to customers. We provide the information from your customer data about who should get it and what the content should be, and we automate the delivery through Mandrill to your recipients. We provide measuring on the performance of your emails to learn how recipients are interacting, keep stats over time, so do A/B testing such as seeing whether a new version of a abandoned cart recovery email is performing better or worse than a previous or alternate version.

Best in class, Mandrill has a steady 99.9% uptime.