Big Data Retail Integrations

Automation of email marketing strategies begins with our data integration solutions.

Every piece of the customer journey is a puzzle. Each puzzle piece offers a retailer the ability to identify missed opportunities. When every piece of the customer journey is synced and connected, the retailer can turn data from multiple sources into automated campaigns to significantly increase revenue.

Customer Data Integration

We work directly with numerous partners such as Magento and Mailchimp to develop top notch and approved eCommerce and email marketing platform integrations. Our platform provides source data attribution directly from Google Analytics giving retailers a complete picture of the customer journey.

WC Connect pulls 75+ customer data fields (such as product purchase history, average order value and date of last purchase) from within your eCommerce platform then pushes the data into your email marketing platform dashboard on a schedule determined by you.

Each of the 75+ customer data fields are assigned a label, cleaned for easier readability, and are synced directly within your email marketing dashboard.

Contact a member of our team to get started. Our developed integrations are guaranteed to be ready for use within 5 business days or less.