Actionable Data

Juggling the multiple eCommerce metrics needed to drive, track, and report highly successful email marketing campaigns is proven to be costly and time consuming. Many retailers lose out on large amounts of revenue by not truly taking advantage of the power behind data-driven email marketing strategies. Our Analytics Dashboard give retailers interested in maximizing sales and increasing more profit the data needed to simplify the strategic process.

Determine the best day of the week to send campaigns to achieve the highest open rates.

Leverage Average Order Value (AOV) to send special promotions to your Best Customers.

Learn what time of day your customers are most likely to engage with your email campaigns.

Announce new product arrivals via multiple campaigns - each targeted to specific customer segments such as geographic location.

Send automated product replenishment reminders after a set number of weeks or months to increase repeat sales.

Predict latency and customer churn by sending a triggered Win Back Email Series to engage customers who haven't purchase in a specific time frame.

Track, measure and control coupon use.


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