Customer Loyalty Programs

Windsor Circle's Automated Customer Retention Software provides all the tools a retailer needs to set up and maintain customer loyalty programs. 

Obtaining new customers is much more work than appealing to current clients. With so much focus on generating new business throughout sales literature and articles, it seems like new clients are the tickets to improving revenue.

While new clients can certainly improve your baseline and increase the number of people you're working with on a regular basis, continuing to serve current clients is much less time intensive or expensive than seeking new clients. In fact, research has determined that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to lock in a new customer than keeping a current one. With Windsor Circle, you can increase and monetize loyalty from your customers by implementing loyalty programs that target your best customers and keep them coming back.

You can't win a customer's loyalty until you know who's shopping with you and why. You've got to collect data from as many sources as possible to understand what's motivating your customers to continue working with you. Many times, there's a disconnect between what a company thinks is leading their customers to them as opposed to why those customers continue that relationship. Our customer retention solution bridges the gap between assumption and fact by collecting, analyzing, and optimizing your customer data.

Windsor Circle's ability to instantly integrate purchase history data into a retailer's marketing platform means it is possible to identify loyal customers and reward them, or customers who are likely to generate high lifetime value and trigger a sequence of data-driven emails that help to build loyalty over time. 

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