Custom Triggered Emails Campaigns

You have enough on your plate as an eCommerce merchant. You have a business to run. Let our email marketing automation platform take the headache out of email marketing with tailored campaigns developed around your eCommerce business.

Our Customer Retention software allows retailers to send emails directly through the dashboard of their current Email Service Provider and our RAMP starter package helps ensure that existing branding stays consistent across all marketing channels. 

Custom & Personalized Email Campaigns

By analyzing and segmenting customer data, eCommerce retailers have the ability to:

  • Customize product recommendations emails
  • Triggered campaigns based on your customers purchasing history
  • Recapture abandon carts with a captured email address
  • Increase revenue opportunities with targeted campaigns
  • Offer incentives only to a segmented group of Best Customers who purchase frequently
  • Re-market and Win Back customers who haven't purchased in awhile
  • Grow their customer base through referral campaigns through current customers
  • Gain insight on what customers really want with triggered customer satisfaction surveys

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