Actionable Data

The complexity of integrating data from multiple sources to create a robust data segmentation strategy is the digital marketer’s major roadblock to capitalizing on it. Even for marketers who access to a large pool of data, it could be logical to assume that more data means more opportunities. The truth is, businesses are increasingly inundated with volumes of retail data, but don't know what to do with it. Since the amount of data is overwhelming it's pertinent to create a strategy to drive actionable data.

Smart Data

A sea of customer data is not enough, your data must be actionable so that it drives value from email campaigns immediately. You data driven email strategy starts with:

  • Isolating your business objectives
  • Understanding the current data
  • Create actions to use data
Leverage your customer data to deliver email campaigns based on a variety of inputs such as shopper behavior, purchase history, geography, acquisition source and many more attributes. Our Customer Retention Software imports, cleanses, analyzes and allows your customer data in your eCommerce platform to be actionable within your email marketing software.