Key Features


Seamlessly capture customer data from within your eCommerce platform.

  1. eCommerce Data Integration - Securely integrate historical and real-time data from your eCommerce platform to your email marketing software (ESP) using our top rated plugins, APIs or data feeds. We offer 2 levels of data integration, which push either 30 or 70+ standard data fields into your ESP.

  2. Historical Data - Automatically analyze and import an unlimited amount of historical order data.

  3. Custom Email Campaigns - We integrate directly with your existing Email Service Provider to allow retailers to maintain branding across all marketing channels.

  4. Custom Data Feeds - Our development team uses a guaranteed, enterprise grade data feed model for in-house or home-grown eCommerce software, CRM, Point-of-Sale, Order Management, and other software to capture and aggregate all sources of customer data.

  5. Custom Fields - In addition to integrating standard fields into your ESP, Windsor Circle can integrate data from "custom fields" as defined in your eCommerce platform.

  6. Advanced Segment Builder - Unlocks the power of "relational tables" for every marketer; build powerful, targeted segments based on unlimited parameters and data sets.

  7. Custom Segments - Clients can request "Custom Segments" based on data Windsor Circle is integrating.  These Custom Segments are added to your Retention Analytics dashboard, and can be included in the daily export and update of data into your email marketing software.


Interactive and comprehensive overview of the entire customer lifecycle.

  1. Retention Dashboard - Segment your customers based on numerous options including demographics, behavioral spending, and purchase history.
  2. Customer Lifetime Value - Measure the value of your customers over the entire B2C relationship by tracking specific dollar amount spent, purchase timetable, and spending patterns.
  3. Track Campaign Performance - Automate multiple strategies simultaneously and maximize revenue obtained through successful triggered email campaigns.
  4. Actionable Insights - By analyzing customer data you unlock the ability to automate data-driven email campaigns.
  5. Predictive Analytics - Use predictive data to send your customers relevant and timely product recommendations, replenishment emails, and more, automatically.


Convert 15% of missed revenue from abandoned shopping carts.

  1. 15%+ Recovery Rate - Automated abandoned shopping cart recovery emails allows retailers to enjoy a significant increase in revenue with little effort.
  2. Anti-gaming - Our algorithm determines and prevents the abuse of re-marketing incentives offered within your triggered email campaigns.
  3. Mandrill - The leading infrastructure that powers the delivery of transactional emails for the eCommerce industry.


Automate the process of establishing, growing and maintaining key relationships.

  1. Customer Loyalty - Retaining customers is a fraction of the cost of acquiring new customers. 
  2. LifeCycle Marketing - The most successful retailers strengthen relationships with customers by engaging with them in a more personalized way.
  3. 9 Pillars - The foundation of our platform follows the Customer LifeCycle using the 9 pillars of retention automation.
  4. RAMP - Our clients receive fully customized email templates to trigger Post-Purchase Welcome, Best Customers, and 3 part Win-Back campaign series.
  5. Actionable Data - TMI to ROI: Marketers have the opportunity to revise and perfect marketing messages & overall strategies with actionable customer data.

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