Subscriber Welcome Series

Building brand loyalty begins with your first interaction with new email subscribers.

Whether a visitor makes a purchase or only browses your store, they clearly like your products enough to sign up for your email newsletter list.

It begins with your first interaction. This is a key opportunity for you to showcase why they should purchase from you in the future by highlighting the quality products you sell, telling your brand story, and reinforcing other differentiators, like a stellar return policy.

Windsor Circle clients automate new subscriber email campaigns with engaging content that offers many ways to interact with the brand outside of typical promotional emails. With the help of intelligent data, retailers can create email campaigns to convert new subscribers into loyal customers.

Guide subscribers through the sales funnel. The Welcome Series gives you control of how new subscribers get acquainted to your brand. By sending at least three welcome emails over a set time period, you can maximize engagement opportunities with your business.

The email examples below from our clients will give you a few strategies for automating personalized emails for new subscribers.

Subscriber Welcome Series

Make a Branded First Impression

Pet n'Go welcomes customers with a colorful, branded email that catches the eye. The message thanks customers for joining them on a mission to care for the pets of Mexico and is signed by the director of the company. The email is tailored to the customer, a dog owner, and displays relevant products. It offers a limited time coupon making the email memorable and enticing.

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Subscriber Welcome Series

Build Trust with New Subscribers

To begin building confidence in their brand, SurfStitch conveys two key store policies to new subscribers right away, "Free Express Delivery & Free Returns." These features, along with the message copy, highlight the easy online shopping experience that SurfStitch provides customers. To add a personal touch the email includes first name personalization, as well as a $20 discount to encourage new subscribers’ first purchase. Also, the email increases engagement by promoting the diverse selection of the brands available on their eCommerce site, and providing contact information for any additional questions. See how SurfStitch leverages its welcome series, along with other data-driven, lifecycle emails, to increase open rates by 40% and click rates by 65%.

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Subscriber Welcome Series

Keep Your Business in Perspective

In this welcome series, Spangler Candy establishes a rapport with the customer and makes them aware of other available products. They sweeten the deal by offering a discount code for the customer's next online purchase. Finally, Spangler Candy encourages more engagement by displaying social icons at the bottom of the email.

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